Demolecular Manifestation/Molecular Demanifestation

What if you’re way more talented and gifted than you’ve ever given yourself credit for? What if you have the capacity to change things, just by asking? Would you like to see just how amazing you really are? Would you even “believe it” if you saw it?? :)

We all have capacities that we’re not aware of. What this class will teach you is how to tap into some of the amazing abilities you may not have been using. And if you can start using these, what else can you do?

In Access, we call this a MAGIC PARTY, where we learn to use some specific energies that are available to us called Molecular Demanifestation and Demolecular Manifestation. We can use these energies change the pH of water so that it is molecularly compatible with each of our bodies, and even use them on our own bodies to change things that are going on.

How does it get any better than that?!? Come and play!

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